child support but no visitation

Are you expected to pay child support, but not able to visit your child? It can be confusing, but child support does not equal child custody or visitation. I have had numerous calls from distraught parents because their other parent is withholding the child until he or she pays support. Whether it’s court ordered or not, your relationship and time with your child should not be tied to money.  Work to keep child support conversations separate from those about visitation or custody.

In cases where custody, visitation, and child support have not been set up, you need to consider taking legal action by talking to a divorce and custody lawyer. Depending on the age of the child and other factors, you may be in a great position or a not so great position.  An attorney can help you to navigate through this situation the best way possible.

Even if child support has been set up, it doesn’t necessarily put visitation or custody into place. If child support is ordered by court before custody or visitation has been established, it is presumed that the parent receiving support has custody and shall provide the other parent reasonable visitation. However, what is reasonable to one parent may be the complete opposite to another parent. Therefore, it is imperative that a minimum visitation schedule be ordered by the court for situations that arise when the parents can’t agree.

Whichever situation you are in, it is so important to be aware of all legal scenarios and proceed with caution because there are obligations and responsibilities that will be legally binding. To discuss your specific situation, call Katie Crow at (334) 737-3733.

Katie Crow is a family law and divorce attorney located in Opelika, Alabama.  Katie also practices in the surrounding areas of Auburn in Lee County, Chambers, Macon, Russell, and Tallapoosa counties in Alabama striving to help her clients with their legal needs.  Katie specializes in areas concerning divorce, child custody and parental rights, adoption, modifications, child support, paternity, and other legal services.

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