child support but no visitation

Are you expected to pay child support, but not able to visit your child? It can be confusing, but child support does not equal child custody or visitation. I have had numerous calls from distraught parents because their other parent is withholding the child until he or she pays support. Whether it’s court ordered or…

When Child Support Turns into a Custody Battle

Is the other parent of your child seeking custody now that you are asking for child support? You have done the right thing by making sure your child has the support they deserve, but now you find yourself in a custody battle.  Unfortunately, it is too common that child support turns into a custody battle,…

10 Factors Courts Look at for Deciding Child Custody

Any who has ever gone through or is currently going through a divorce, knows that children can make the situation seem more difficult. Along with all problems incurred during this time, fighting for custody of your children is the most difficult. Many parents often ask how the court will decide who has primary child custody….

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