some not so fun statistics about marriage and divorce

Ah, Love and Marriage! There’s no arguing the many benefits that being in love and being married can have, but do you know some of these not so fun statistics about marriage and divorce? Brace yourself. In three states: Arkansas, Utah, and Oklahoma, women tend to marry younger at an average age of 24. The…

Do I Have to File for Divorce in the Same State I was Married?

Many people believe that they have to file divorce in the same state where they married, simply because the state issues the marriage license. This is not true. The appropriate place to file divorce may be in the state that you reside, as many states require that you have lived in the state for some…

10 Factors Courts Look at for Deciding Child Custody

Any who has ever gone through or is currently going through a divorce, knows that children can make the situation seem more difficult. Along with all problems incurred during this time, fighting for custody of your children is the most difficult. Many parents often ask how the court will decide who has primary child custody….

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